Here is what my most recent clients had to say about the value and benefits they got from working with me: 

'I met Kriss at a morning connection group and shared with her my issue with swollen ankles and my concerns around my health and wellbeing in general. Kriss kindly gave me some nutritional advice, which then led to me booking 3 sessions via zoom with her, to talk about my health and well-being. Kriss was very kind and generous with her knowledge, advice, and her time. She spoke in a language that I could easily understand and made me feel so relaxed and inspired to start consciously looking at my diet and the foods I eat. During my second session with Kriss, I recall expressing my excitement, I said, "Oh my gosh Kriss! it's brilliant how you are explaining to me how my body works. I wish I would have learned that back in school. I could have lived my life differently, when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. I am so grateful I'm learning it from you now so I can put things in action going forward. This knowledge is invaluable! My body feels healthier and I love it more. Thank you Kriss."

 - Carol from London, May 2020 -

Another great testimonial from another very happy client. Have a listen for yourself what Viki from Newcastle has to say... 

 - Viki from Newcastle, June 2020 -

Testimonial - Viki, Newcastle, June 2020

More testimonials are currently being updated & added.

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