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The main force behind my work is a deep desire and strong passion to help other individuals improve and achieve their long-term health, well-being, diet, nutrition and/or lifestyle goals in a holistic way.

My strength is to really get my clients to understand their body in a simple way and to make lasting changes based on this foundation. Whether you’re seeking help and professional guidance with for example weight loss/gain, sports nutrition or disease prevention, I evaluate each client individually by taking a full, detailed history during an initial nutritional consultation / health coach session. Depending on your personal requirements, I provide you with an appropriate plan as well as personalised advice to follow moving forward to achieve the desired outcomes and if necessary schedule (a) follow up session(s) within a recommended time frame. Your health should be a main priority in your life, so don’t let it slip through the cracks. I am here to ensure that you stay on the right track to achieving all of your health goals. 

Freshness is a key point for me. Hence why I work with natural and fresh supplements and also advise on 'Free-From' and #fresh skin & body care alternatives for yourself or your loved ones, get in touch and I'm happy to tell you more about the range of products made #fresh, #ethically, #sustainably, rich on #active ingredients and Free-From toxins / chemicals / parabens / artificial additives so you can pamper yourself and others in a natural healthy way (because... what we put on our skin goes into our body, right?). 

Although things are getting better and more and more people becoming more aware of the effects and importance to use less synthetics/artificially processed supplements / vitamins / minerals and as well as skin and body care, it is my goal to raise people's awareness even more and help turning to freshly produced wholefood supplements and skin/body care rich on antioxidants & active ingredients. There is a strong link between not just What we put in (and in fact on!) our bodies and the actual Freshness of it. With this in mind, I started the 'SoFresh Generation' and would love for as​ many people as possible to join and change their lives in that way.

I work with each person on an individual basis and along the principles of Functional Medicine, natural healing foods and fresh supplements. I will look with you at various aspects of your life to find the most suitable way to help you improve your health, reduce your symptoms whilst getting to the underlying causes as much as possible. 

​This integrative medical approach combines the best of nutritional science, conventional medicine and holistic health.

Before turning to Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine, I experienced various health problems and long-term conditions myself, and with the help of Nutritional Therapy I was able to successfully treat the symptoms, get clearer on the underlying causes and therefore make amendments to improve my own health and well being.

Because of this I feel I am able to relate better to patients' own situations and circumstances.

Nutritional Therapy is all about understanding the complexity of factors influencing one's well-being and making specific amendments in combination with the best dietary choices suited for the individual in addition with the right fresh supplements as well as exercise/fitness options.

Some of the key problem areas I focus on are conditions such as:​

  • weight management and obesity,

  • cleansing and detox,

  • stress management,

  • depression and sleep disorders,

  • irritable bowel syndrome, 

  • diabetes,

  • autoimmune conditions as well as

  • digestive problems and

  • inflammation related conditions.

Being passionate about wholesome foods, functional nutrition, superfoods, the healing powers of plant based diets / veganism and food as a preventive 'medicine' or to optimise a person's health level, I enjoy advising and supporting individuals to implement changes in their diet and lifestyle to achieve a healthier life, better well-being or simply improve their performance.

Depending on personal requirements and type of consultation, blood tests for food allergies, weight, height and blood pressure may also taken (at additional cost).

Initial consultations are 1 hour long. Follow up consultations are usually 30 min (however this can be planned according to individual's needs).

Prior to the initial consultation you are required to complete a standard health questionnaire and disclaimer form (that is an insurance requirement). Consultations / sessions can be arranged face to face or (for your convenience) remotely via Zoom/Skype.

Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Looking forward to hear from you

With healthy wishes,

  Kriss Höss

Holistic Health & Quantum Wellbeing Coach

Nutritional Therapist (IICT)

Independent Ringana Partner

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