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Kriss Höss - Holistic Health and Quantum Wellbeing Coach

Are You concerned about Your health or the health of Your loved ones? Are You confused about which foods are right for You to eat and don't have time to learn about what's good and what's not or what calories mean etc.?

Do You wish someone could just tell You all that in a SIMPLE way so that it makes sense to You easily and You can implement it in your life to improve your health and wellbeing?


Then reach out today to book a FREE 20min session with me to discuss Your current health problems and find out how You could benefit from working with me. Click here.



A little bit more about me and why I decided to become a Holistic Health & Quantum Wellbeing Coach:

  The main force behind my work is a deep desire and strong passion to help other individuals improve and achieve their long-term health, well-being, diet, nutrition as well as lifestyle goals in a holistic and quantum way.

What is Quantum I hear you wonder? In the most simple way 'quantum' means enhancing & exhilarating something such as your health and wellbeing, by becoming truly aware of certain aspects and making specific amendments so that you align more and your body and health can thrive.

From having worked with many clients for almost half a decade, I have been told again and again who much they appreciate my strength to really help to get the person to understand their body in a simple way and to make lasting changes based on this foundation.


So whether for YOU it is a matter of e.g. weight loss/gain, chronic disease prevention/reduction, sports nutrition or just simply understanding food & nutrition better and what is best for Your body, or how to get more balance back in Your life and improve Your wellbeing across various levels. I have worked with many clients across various areas, and their feedback they give me even just after a couple of sessions is fantastic.

(Feel free to have a look at the Testimonials - currently being updated.)

To get the best transformation and lasting results over time it became obvious, rather than doing just a single session (I promise you you'll learn a lot in even just one session with me! but it's just not enough time sadly for you to make real changes), it's best to work on a 1-2-1 basis for a time specific frame of approx. 10 to 12 weeks with individually arranged sessions, which is why I am now offering a bespoke & individually personalized program.

Click here to contact me for a FREE 20min session to discuss with me what YOU are looking to change in Your life and what YOU need help with and to see how working with me would benefit YOU in overcoming Your problems and challenges and achieving Your health & wellbeing goals to make a long-term change in Your life.

Some of the key problem areas I focus on are conditions such as:​

  • weight management and obesity,

  • cleansing and detox,

  • diabetes,

  • stress management,

  • depression and sleep disorders,

  • irritable bowel syndrome, 

  • digestive problems,

  • autoimmune conditions,

  • inflammation related conditions.


Since Spring 2020 I now predominantly work online/remotely via Zoom/Skype, however it is also possible to arrange face to face sessions for Your convenience (this is subject to an additional fee). Clients who worked with me quickly realised the incredible long-term value they are receiving - it is not about time as in amount of sessions but knowledge and implementing this knowledge. I work on an energetic level also. Most of my clients greatly benefit from a working with me over a number of sessions, so when choosing to make changes in Your life by opting for a bespoke & individually personalized program as this will give You the best results.

Looking forward to receiving Your Inquiry, finding out more about You and serving You very soon to make lasting changes in Your life by transforming Your Health and Wellbeing to a quantum level.

With healthy wishes,

  Kriss Höss

Holistic Health & Quantum Wellbeing Coach

Nutritional Therapist (IICT)

Independent Ringana Partner

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